Old Forester brings single barrel bourbon to the UK

Old Forester

American bourbon brand Old Forester is launching its Single Barrel in the UK this autumn.

The Old Forester Single Barrel programme unlocks the possibility for the trade to offer customers an exclusive, one-of-a-kind bourbon expression.

The opportunity will see accounts and individuals select their own single barrel as they’re guided through an expert tasting of three rich, robust barrels of Old Forester.

Each barrel is aged between four and five years and selected from a variety of locations within the barrel house to allow for maximum diversity of flavour, from floral and sweet to the bold and spicy.

Master taster Jackie Zykan said: “Just like a fingerprint, each barrel is truly singular. This unique expression is hand selected by bourbon enthusiasts, each bottling impossible to replicate.

“A buyer can select a custom flavour profile to enjoy on its own, over ice or curate completely unique cocktail recipes, whether you want something with balanced baking spice for a classic Old Fashioned or more vibrant flavours for a Whiskey Smash, each barrel’s unique profile creates a palate of flavours for cocktails to come to life.

“It was a treat to hand select this specific barrel with our UK visitors – not only tasting through the options to find the perfect fit, but to share the true story of the First Bottled Bourbon with them.”

Old Forester Single Barrel will be available at Cottonopolis, Smokestack, Science & Industry, Swift, Hoot the Redeemer, All Star Lanes, Royal Institution and specialist off-trade retailers.

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