Olmeca Tequila sets out to revitalise the shot industry

Olmeca Tequila 'Make it Colossal'

Olmeca Tequila, the premium tequila crafted in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico, has unveiled a new look and landmark campaign to “revitalise” tequila shot culture around the world.

The drive, which comes in its 50th year, is set to support the brand’s strong growth. Entitled ‘Make it Colossal’, the campaign invites millennial tequila drinkers across key markets in Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia to turn unplanned social gatherings with friends into colossal nights by making shot rituals integral to their parties.

The initiative is supported by a refreshed brand logo, events platform and drink strategy focused on the iconic tequila shot and will be brought to life through advertising, digital, PR and experiential activity.

Central to the campaign is an updated brand logo and visual identity that presents a modern twist on the ancient designs of the Olmecs, the first civilisation of Latin America. Combining complex Mexican patterns, Latin party spirit and visual folklore with geometric structures, neon lights and inks, the new identity has “a vibrant energy” and is set to appeal to urban party people around the world.

Olmeca has also created the ‘Colossal Night Rituals’ events platform in order to inspire the global on-trade to bring tequila lovers together to live, share and immortalise collective, high-energy parties through playful shot and service rituals and POS materials.

The Bang Bang Bang Shot leads the campaign, where tequila fans are encouraged to bang the table three times while crying Ol-me-ca, supported by glitter, bubble and rainbow shots.

Olmeca brand manager Damien Batteux said: “For the past five years, Olmeca has been a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music space, and with the launch of the ‘Make it Colossal’ campaign, we are aiming to bring the tequila shot ritual to the fore to a much wider generation of music fans and party goers.

“Olmeca is a supporter of legendary nights around the globe, and we look forward to making these occasions even more colossal for consumers in the coming months.”

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