On-trade launch for alcohol-free spirit Caleño


Caleño, a new non-alcoholic spirit inspired by the sunny spirit of South America, is launching to the UK on-trade.

Designed to bring “bold colour, joy and fun to not drinking”, Caleño is a tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals, which is steam distilled in stainless steel drums.

Its key ingredient and signature garnish is the South American Inca berry, which is sweet, yet tangy with pineapple, mango and citrus fruit flavours.

The brand takes inspiration from Columbia’s joyful culture, vibrant colours and tropical flavours, and is named after ‘Los Caleños’, the people of Cali, a Colombian city famed for its salsa.

Founder Ellie Webb said: “I grew up surrounded by music, dancing, and an upbeat Colombian culture. This has had a big influence on the creation of Caleño, which is here to show people that you can have fun without drinking.

“Too much of the time, we take the joy out of things – exercising or dieting to the extreme, being less colourful, too serious and not doing the things we love – instead I believe in living a balanced lifestyle”.

Caleño will be available to buy direct from the website, as well as from Enotria and Matthew Clark by the end of March.

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