On-trade launch for cannabis-inspired beer brand

Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and Improper Pils

CLV Frontier Brands and its UK drinks partner Flagship Brands have launched a cannabis-inspired beer brand called Old Boy Mary Jane (OBMJ).

Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and Improper Pils are the first two beers released by OBMJ, a brand that prides itself on innovation with a “quirky edge”.

The beers are brewed with the addition of cannabis terpenes, a non-psychoactive aromatic compound, which adds a variety of flavour profiles.

Ghost Bog Hazy IPA has a “pleasant bitterness” rounded out by a “sweet, clean malt end note”. Improper Pils, on the other hand, has a “delicate, fruity nose, and leaves a smooth, crisp taste to the palate”.

Alex Claos, director at CLV Frontier Brands, said: “Cannabis is closely related to the hop family, and similar terpenes are found in both, so it is a natural extension to use Cannabis terpenes in beer production.

“The array of aromas from terpenes gives us brewers the chance to bring new dimensions to the flavouring process.”

Designer Maxim Lokotkov was commissioned to produce artwork for the bottles and packaging of OBMJ’s Ghost Bog Hazy IPA and Improper Pils.

The company along with its commercial partners, intends to lead the way in using cannabis-inspired flavours in beer, and will add a string of new products in 2019.

Each of the beers are currently available in 330ml glass bottles through wholesale partners nationwide, with online ecommerce partners set up to sell from mid-October.

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