On-trade launch for ‘naturally functional’ No1 Kombucha

No1 Kombucha range

Lightly sparkling drink band No1 Kombucha is launching to the UK on-trade with the aim to make kombucha accessible to all.

Now available to bars, restaurants and other types of hospitality outlets, No1 Kombucha is meeting demand from British consumers for naturally functional drinks as well as innovative and varied soft drinks and non-alcoholic options.

Founder Jonny Wilkinson has created a range that “puts taste first”, allowing kombucha to become a mainstream product that all consumers can enjoy.

The range is available in three SKUS: Ginger & Turmeric, Passionfruit & Goji, and Raspberry, Pomegranate & Hibiscus.

Kombucha is a living and unpasteurised drink that is created by fermenting green tea, which is renowned for its potent and restorative properties.

No1 Kombucha doesn’t have the highs and lows of artificially carbonated drinks. The authentic way it is made creates a naturally sparkling drink with a subtle tang, and produces beneficial bacteria, probiotics, acetic acids and antioxidants.

Jonny said: “We are delighted that the No1 Kombucha range is now available at cafes, restaurants, pubs and hospitality outlets across the UK, which will help achieve our goal of making kombucha genuinely accessible to people throughout the UK.

“Six years ago I started a journey to create a product that would offer a healthier choice for consumers. I chose to launch a kombucha drink because it is a living food that can have a positive impact on wellbeing.

“We spent a considerable amount of time refining the recipe to make it as delicious as possible and an easy choice for consumers wanting to make small, positive steps towards improving their health.

“Now people across the country can select an exciting non-alcoholic alternative when socialising at cafes, pubs and bars that isn’t loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners.”

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