Be At One bars axe plastic straws to protect environment

be at one New cocktail menu

Be At One has replaced plastic straws with an environmentally friendly alternative for all drinks across its bars.

It has switched to corn plastic straws that are fully compostable and biodegrade in just eight weeks – in contrast to traditional plastic straws that take many hundreds of years to decompose, bringing harm to the environment and wildlife.

The change is part of a growing movement away from plastic straws, with other groups such as The New World Trading Company’s The Botanist, All Bar One and JD Wetherspoon already rejecting them. Consumers are being urged to support it through campaigns such as Refuse the Straw.

Andrew Stones, chief operating officer at Be At One, said: “As a business, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and becoming a more environmentally sustainable operation.

“Plastic has a devastating environmental impact and is particularly harmful to our oceans and marine life, and as such, we are pleased to be able to switch away from plastic straws.

“Our new corn plastic straws, which biodegrade within 60 days, are available across all our bars now, and we’re confident that our guests won’t notice any difference and continue to enjoy our specialist quality cocktails.”

The introduction of the new straws comes alongside the launch of a new cocktail menu focused on a music theme, featuring over 100 drinks (pictured). It has also redesigned its website and refreshed its app as part of a brand evolution and new “Life Is What You Mix It” campaign.

Be At One operates 33 bars across the UK, including 17 in London, after opening its first in 1998. Earlier this month, it revealed plans to accelerate expansion to 70 bars over the next five years.

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