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Agustina Basilico, Beverage Manager at Toklas Restaurant, reveals her top five drinks predictions for 2024!


Becoming B-Corp certified is something I hope we see even more of in the drinks sphere in 2024. There’s an ever-growing number of producers who are going out of their way to get this certification, which is no easy task. Because it’s something we are seeing more frequently, I suspect more and more brands will have to get on board with these sustainability credentials in order to compete in the market.  


The sale of No and Low-alcohol beverages has skyrocketed this year – people seem more aware of the amount of alcohol they’re consuming and are increasingly interested in drinking in moderation. There’s already been a noticeable increase in the number of premium low-alcohol products in circulation, and, with sobriety becoming more commonplace among young adults, I have a feeling this market will only continue to grow.


No longer just the drinks of the summer, English ciders are experiencing a real boom, with amazing producers like Little Pomona crafting ciders that drink a bit like wines. People are only just cottoning onto the fact that there are so many nuances to cider making, and the same levels of complexity as to be found in wine, with hundreds of different variations from dry to very sweet. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg, and it’s a drinks category that’s set to gain lots more traction in 2024. 


People seem to becoming more adventurous with what they drink. Your typical pale, dry rosé doesn’t seem to be cutting the mustard at the moment, which makes it a really exciting time for those who work in wine. I’m hoping that, next year, we’ll continue to get requests for more left-field rosés, so we can spotlight the smaller, independent producers, who are less well known, for their darker, fuller bodied bottles. 


Citrus season is really important for us at Toklas Restaurant, with our menu showcasing different unique citrus varieties from the Todolí Citrus Fundació. However, more and more, we’re spotting niche citrus-based cocktails on menus around the city… I have a feeling that varieties less familiar to the regular punter, like finger limes and pomelo, will start making their way more regularly into our cocktail vocabulary next year. 

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