Organic Beetroot powder hits the market

Zuma Organic Beetroot Powder

Hot drinks specialist Zuma has launched a new Organic Beetroot powder to add to beverages and cakes.

With its “rich earthy flavour and vibrant hue”, Zuma’s newest adaptogen can be used in a number of recipes such as beetroot lattes, red velvet hot chocolates, smoothies and red velvet cakes.

Containing nothing but pure organic beetroot, Zuma have dehydrated and ground whole beetroots to achieve an unadulterated product that is approved by The Vegan Society.

The root vegetable is believed to boost immunity, endurance and stamina as well as increase energy levels.

By squeezing 24g of fresh beetroot into each concentrated 3g portion, Zuma believe they have have provided “a convenient, hassle-free way to add beetroot to the drinks menu”.

Available in 100g pouches, each pack of Zuma’s Organic Beetroot powder provides 33 servings.

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