Oriole launches 2019 Top Trumps cocktail menu

Oriole Top Trumps menu

London-based bar Oriole is bringing back its Top Trumps cocktail menu for 2019, showcasing fermented ingredients and drawing on the flavours of the Old and New Worlds.

The menu has been developed by Oriole’s new senior bar team, including bar manager Ali Ali and head bartender Mihai Ostafi.

Taking inspiration from their own heritage as well as the exotic global locations echoed within the menu, Ali and Mihai have built on Oriole’s previous offering with a “fresh and clean signature approach”.

Following on from its launch in 2018, each drink is presented on a Top Trumps-style card with vintage designs.

Within the deck of cards, ‘values’ exist as ratings for each cocktail’s flavour profile (Refreshment, Booziness, Complexity and Fruitiness), which not only help guests select their drinks but can also be used to play the retro card game.

The list is split into four sections: Old World, New World, The Orient and For Sharing. All-new creations are joined by some Oriole classics that have been updated for 2019.

Sandhammaren is a highlight of the Old World section of the menu. The delicately sparkling cocktail showcases primarily Scandinavian ingredients, combining Absolut Elyx, Ahus Aquavit with a sourdough infusion, fig-leaf root cider, lemon juice and sea buckthorn jam.

Bon Echo from the New World is made with Woodford Reserve rye, Remy Martin VSOP cognac, juneberry-infused vermouth, Ontario leaf aperitif and Northern white cedar, while The Orient’s Peranakan Fizz, presents a “light” and “creamy” twist on a Ramos Gin Fizz, blending Roku Gin with fermented marzipan, Pandan Vejus with poppy flower kefir and marshmallow meringue.

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