Outcast Brands Expands Global Presence

Outcast Brands, the award-winning Dublin-based spirits company renowned for its innovation and dedication to crafting exceptional beverages, is continuing to make waves around the world. Outcast Brands is excited to announce a substantial expansion of its global presence. Their expansion sees the introduction of their acclaimed Blood Monkey Gins and Two Shores Rums into seven new international markets, as well as gaining a presence in Irish duty-free retail across Dublin and Belfast City airports, listings on all the Irish Ferries vessels as well as a number of P&O vessels out of Ireland.

As a trailblazer in the industry, Outcast Brands has consistently challenged conventions and crafted products that capture the essence of adventure and rebellion. This ethos is embodied in their flagship creation: Blood Monkey Gin. This bold and versatile gin range includes Blood Monkey Irish Gin, Blood Monkey Irish Spice Storm, and the recently launched Blood Monkey Tropical Storm. Named as a tribute to sailors who dared to “bleed the monkey” by drilling into officers’ grog barrels, Blood Monkey Gin echoes the spirit of audacity and exploration. This unique approach has garnered a range of gold medals at both the esteemed Global Gin Masters 2023 and The World Gin Awards where it was awarded ‘Best Contemporary Irish Gin’.

Complementing the audacity of Blood Monkey Gin is the remarkable Two Shores Rum. A fusion of Central American sugarcane and Irish whiskey cask ageing, this premium golden rum is aged for 8 years in Central America and then further matured in aged Irish whiskey casks on the west coast of Ireland for a minimum of 6 months. The result is a range of smooth and intricate liquids that offer a journey of complex flavours with every sip. The brand won 4 golds at the World Rum Awards, including “Best in Ireland”.

Outcast Brands have now set their sights on bringing their spirits to a wider global audience, with new markets including Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belgium, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. This expansion is part of the company’s strategy to reach a total of twenty markets with its first 5 years of trading, with a particular focus on key provinces in Canada, expanding their UK presence with bbb drinks, and entering the Baltic States.

On the expansion into new markets, Jason Kidd, the founder of Outcast Brands said, “We are thrilled to bring the captivating narratives of Blood Monkey Gin and Two Shores Rum to new territories. Our dedication to crafting boundary-pushing spirits remains at the core of our mission, and we can’t wait to continue sharing our passion with enthusiasts around the world.”

Not only that but Outcast Brands has recently expanded its presence in the travel retail sector by introducing Blood Monkey Gin and Two Shores Rum to Dublin Airport as well as George Best City Airport in Belfast, enhancing the brand’s accessibility across Ireland to global travellers. Having showcased their portfolio at the TFWA Duty-Free show in Singapore earlier this year, the company is set to participate in the headline TFWA conference in Cannes this October, further solidifying their global positioning.

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About Outcast Brands
Outcast Brands, headquartered in Dublin, is a pioneering spirits company that embraces innovation and heritage. The portfolio encompasses Blood Monkey Gin and Two Shores Rum, each a testament to the brand’s commitment to challenging norms and crafting exceptional liquid experiences.

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