Owners behind Los Mochis and Viajante87 to give all employees full medical insurance

Markus Thesleff, founder of Los Mochis & Viajante87, offers BUPA medical insurance to all permanent employees.

This January, the owners behind Los Mochis & Viajante87 announce the decision to offer medical insurance by BUPA to all employees at their current venues. The move will see the group as one of the first in the UK to offer full medical insurance to all staff. 

The change comes at a time where the hospitality industry is struggling to attract and retain staff. The BUPA medical insurance will apply to every level of employment, from Managers all the way down to Kitchen Porters, following the passing of probation. This is one of the new measures they have undertaken to ensure it remains a leading hospitality employer.  

The owners behind the two restaurants are consistently looking at innovative ways to manage the current hospitality crisis and attract new staff. Whether this includes being creative with menu design and styles of service or adapting opening hours and staffing schedules to be as optimised as possible. 

Founder Markus Thesleff says: ‘We are proud to be one of the first restaurant groups in the country to offer full medical insurance to our employees. We always try to create the best possible working environment to attract and retain our staff and believe that this is just one of the necessary advances in the hospitality industry and hope our fellow restaurant and hospitality industry leaders will follow suit. We believe it benefits employees massively knowing their health & welfare is taken care of while also helping to alleviate pressure on the NHS.”

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