Paddy & Scott’s launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee for bartenders

Nitro Old Fashioned

Paddy & Scott’s has introduced Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew Coffee with the aim to help bartenders speed up the coffee cocktail making process.

The new canned variant is pitched as a zero fat and calorie caffeinated coffee mixer that aims to take the time and hassle out of preparing coffee-based cocktails.

Sexy Black Nitro can simply be chilled, opened and poured, adding a “velvety richness” to a range of cocktails such as the hugely popular Espresso Martini and White Russian. It is also positioned as an alternative to fruit and juice-based mocktails.

Available in tall 200ml cans, Sexy Black Nitro Cold Coffee is made using 100% craft coffee which is brewed for 24 hours and then infused with nitrogen. It is also all-natural and sugar free, making it a zero calorie, guilt-free, vegan energy drink.

Scott Russell, CEO and founder of Paddy & Scott’s, said: “We know how popular coffee-based cocktails have become, but brewing cups of espresso on the bar and chilling them to serve in cocktails is a slow and time-consuming process which often doesn’t make financial sense for bar owners.

“With Sexy Black Nitro Cold Brew we’ve created a drink that gives bartenders a delicious, quick, easy and fun drink that customers will love. For non-drinkers, it also adds a real complexity of flavour to mocktails.

“Sexy Black Nitro meets a real need on the cocktail scene and the feedback we’ve been getting with our testers is that it speeds up the time customers wait at the bar, meaning quicker service, happier punters and increased profits. It’s a win win all round.”

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