Despite the name, this cocktail is more current than ever before as Paragon prescribe their ultimate serve.

A cocktail that never goes out of style, the Old Fashioned is making a comeback, branding itself as one of the classier cocktails on the bar. Whether its for the back bar or back home, here’s what you need;


Paragon Old Fashioned

60ml premium whiskey

30ml Paragon Timur Berry Cordial

3 dashes orange bitters

Best Serve:

Build over ice in a large, thick rocks glass and stir until the glass has frosted. Garnish with a spritz of fresh orange.

Adding the Paragon Timur Berry cordial breathes adventure into the traditional Old Fashioned, offering hints of grapefruit and wood on the palette. Timur Berry is a wild pepper berry picked from small trees that grow wild in Nepal. Boasting fresh citrus notes, the berry is often referred to as the grapefruit pepper, making it the perfect ingredient for hazy summer evening sippers.

Paragon Timur Berry delivers a base that is perfectly dosed for an old fashioned, offering unparalleled botanical richness. A naturally occurring, and previously undiscovered gluconic acid, found in Cameroonian Oku Honey, is used as a base, resulting in long lasting flavours to see you through cocktail hour.

Paragon Timur Berry is available to the on-trade for £22 per bottle.

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