Patrón begins global search for Margarita of the Year

Patrón Margarita of the Year cocktails

Bacardí-owned Patrón Tequila has kicked off its 2019 search for the Margarita of the Year, presenting the public with the chance to vote on their favourite cocktail creation.

Now in its fifth year, the Margarita of the Year contest features eight new tequila-based recipes from across the globe, each offering a twist on the iconic cocktail.

The cocktails have been created by bartenders from around the world, including Jacyara de Oliveira from Chicago; Samuel Jimenez from California; Natalie Jacob from New York; Tyler Kitzman from Miami; Adrian Rosales from Guadalajara, Mexico; Cristian Bugiada from Rome; Jay Khan from Hong Kong; and Makina Labrecqu from Canada.

This year, consumers can choose from the Paseo Margarita, created with coconut and basil; the Pasifika Margarita, blending coconut and pineapple; the Golden Hour Margarita, which contains pineapple and turmeric; and the Flamingo Park Margarita, made with grapefruit.

2019’s line up also includes the Margarita Caliente, containing passionfruit and chipotle; the Margarita Amore Created, with apple and chilli pepper; the Dynasty Margarita, created with lychee and ginger; and the Wild Rose Margarita Created, featuring juniper and rose.

Lee Applbaum, global chief marketing officer at Patrón, said: “The Margarita has been a classic cocktail in the minds of drinkers for a very long time

“We wanted to challenge bartenders across the world to prove that however classic the Margarita is, it is an incredibly versatile cocktail.

“With the unlimited amount of twists you can put on a Margarita, there is one thing that always remains the same – Ultra-premium Patrón Tequila is always the key to a simply perfect Margarita.”

José Luis Leon of Mexico City, whose celery, elderflower and lime Verde Margarita was selected as last year’s Margarita of the Year, said: “I have the fantastic opportunity to taste the incredible interpretations of the Margarita that these eight bartenders have created!

“Each of the recipes have been created with inspiration from the bartender’s respective cities and I’m excited to see how they bring each of them to life through their cocktails and the unique combinations of ingredients in them.

“Though it will be a hard decision to decide between these simply perfect Margaritas, I’m confident that the public will pick the best Margarita that is truly worthy of the title, Margarita of the Year.”

The public can vote for their favourite recipe at The winning cocktail will be unveiled at a global final on 25 April, taking place at Patrón’s home in Jalisco, Mexico.

Margarita of the Year 2019 bartenders
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