Peach and elderflower infused beers arrive in London

Cornish premium craft beer Jubel, cut with natural peach or elderflower, will be arriving in London bars and restaurants from July.

Inspired by the tradition of Demi Pêche, a popular ski drink from the Alps, Jubel was founded by Jesse Wilson and Tom Jordan in 2017. The pair set out to create a beer style that no other brands could offer.

Jubel sits between the beer and cider categories. It is gluten-free, completely vegan, and at only 125 calories a bottle and 4% ABV, an altogether lighter lager.

Jubel Alpine has a light gold complexion with a distinctly peach aroma and background grain. The initial taste is crisp, fresh peaches balanced with a classic pilsner character. The fruit character is integrated with a cleanly hopped lager of low bitterness to deliver a light-bodied lager with a lasting fruity finish.

Jubel Urban is naturally infused with elderflower. It is a crisp, light and balanced lager of low bitterness with a lasting floral finish.

Jesse Wilson, co-founder of Jubel, said: “After stumbling on Demi Pêche on a ski trip, we couldn’t find anything like it back home. It was the beer style we wanted to drink that no one brewed, so Tom and I got to work creating Jubel.

“We spent our evenings and weekends learning how to brew and brewed 5,000 bottles, agreeing if we sold them at an iconic music festival, we’d quit our jobs and do it full-time.

“It’s been a whirlwind ever since with Jubel taking the South West by storm and we’re really excited to launch in London this summer.”

Jubel was stocked in over 300 on-trade outlets within the first three months of trading and is listed with three major wholesalers; St Austell Brewery, Nectar Imports and LWC.

The craft beer has already secured listings with Fuller’s, The Stable chain and The Big Chill sites, and will be available to independents through Nectar imports.

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