Peppery pineapple and date flavours added to Bols liqueur range

Bols Pineapple Chipotle Date

Lucas Bols has expanded its Bols liqueurs range, bringing back Bols Blackberry and launching Bols Date and Bols Pineapple Chipotle.

Bols Pineapple & Chipotle is made from fresh pineapple juice to give a full-bodied, rich flavour combined with an extract of smoked chipotle for a hint of heat on the finish. Picking up on trends in the US and Canada, it is ideal for cocktails such as Caesars, Martinis and Margaritas.

Bols Date originates from trends in the Middle East and is made from a special maceration of dried dates. It is suitable for drinking neat or mixed with aged spirits.

Bols is distributed in the UK through Maxxium UK.

Tasting notes

Bols Date Liqueur
Flavour: Sweet date
Nose: Light aromatic date
Colour: Brown transparent
Use: In cocktails/mixed drinks or neat as a special treat.

Bols Pineapple Chipotle Liqueur
Flavour: Fresh juicy pineapple with a strong chipotle (peppery) boost as a secondary taste
Nose: Fresh juicy pineapple with a peppery note
Colour: Yellow transparent
Use: In cocktails or as a shot with a kick.

Bols Blackberry Liqueur
Flavour: Sweet and juice
Nose: Fresh hints of blackberry
Colour: Dark purple reddish
Use: In cocktails/mixed drinks

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