Perfect Cocktails for a Casino and Gambling-Themed Night with Friends

In one of the stranger phenomena of the last decade or so, people have started to very much enjoy watching other people play games. It has given rise to the massive eSports industry and made platforms like Twitch and YouTube prime entertainment hubs.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the gaming party theme is growing in popularity. These parties often involve everyone crowding around one screen to watch someone in the room, or someone who is being streamed, play a game. But for people who are new to this, the spectatorship of video gaming can be a little droll or confusing.

There is, however, a way to combine gaming with a fun social atmosphere in which everyone can enjoy and play games with each other. This is a more traditional approach with everyone assembling with their games – most likely on a handheld device like a smartphone or tablet – and playing in the same room together.

It’s fun to experience this through more social online gambling titles, such as live casino rooms or online bingo rooms. So, to help you set up your very own evening of gaming, we’re giving you the details on two of the most popular forms of online gaming options right now and, to make it a real party, we’ve found the perfect cocktails to match!

Bingo cocktails for a bingo party

We’re going to start with the more traditional-sounding way of playing games as a group with the socially driven, Great British pastime of bingo. With everyone having a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, getting access to online bingo games is very easy. On top of this, people don’t need to learn specific controls or gameplay rules as online bingo is simple to play.

It’s even easier to meet up and play online with your friends. Everyone can get onto the online bingo website, pick the same room via the Bingo Games picker which shows the upcoming games, and then compete for the jackpots and prizes. With the choice of many rooms and themes that are ongoing constantly, the experience involves a bit of exploring and trying out new ways to play and win.

For a big bingo party, there’s really only one option for the tray of cocktails: Bingo. It may seem like a cop-out to pick a drink of the same name as the game, but the liveliness of the drink mimics the excitement of seeing your numbers stamp down in the game. To make Bingo cocktails, you’ll need vodka, apricot brandy, club soda, cordon rouge liquor, fresh lemon juice, ice, and a slice of lemon – perhaps alongside a leaf of mint – to garnish.

Casino gaming with James Bond’s signature drink

Live casino gaming is a relatively new online gaming phenomenon, but it’s taking the iGaming industry by storm. People from all over the world log-in to live casino rooms and are met by a human croupier dealing cards or spinning the roulette wheel. The games deliver on their claims of offering an authentic casino experience, and all of you and your friends can jump into the same room to enjoy the action.

When it comes to really enjoying the authentic casino experience, however, you must be suave and offer sophisticated beverages, which is why we suggest the Vesper Martini. A completely fictitious drink invented by author Ian Flemming, it is the famous cocktail that James Bond orders in Casino Royale. Bond has a long and complicated history with various beverages in the movies and novels, but the Vesper Martini is the one that stands out. In the movie of Casino Royale, Bond famously asks the bartender to give his drink three measures of Gordon’s, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet, shaken over ice, and then to add a thin slice of lemon peel.

For your big casino night, whether you’re playing the classic game of bingo with your friends or you’re taking on the dealer in the new wave of live casino games, you’ve now got the perfect cocktails to complement the evening. 

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