Pernod Ricard provides free online bartending training via UN partnership

Pernod Ricard has partnered with the United Nation’s EducateAll platform to provide free online sustainable and responsible bartending training.

The course – entitled ‘The Bar World of Tomorrow’ – is available worldwide and targets both bartenders and bar owners to educate them on sustainable and responsible practices for a greener and more inclusive future.

It is accessible to all legal-drinking-aged adults, through the EdApp mobile learning platform, as part of the EducateAll initiative, in collaboration with UNITAR (United Nations Institute for Training and Research).

The course has been developed by Pernod Ricard, through its in-house training group Pernod Ricard University, in partnership with anti-waste bartending duo TrashTiki and the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

It covers all aspects of sustainability and responsibility, from fresh ingredient use to responsible serving of alcoholic beverages to waste management – directly aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

‘The Bar World of Tomorrow’ is based on four pillars: ingredients, service, bar and staff. It accesses each through the 5Rs model: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Respect.

Embedded in the online training platform and available as a stand-alone course on EducateAll is the dedicated e-learning ‘Alcohol and Responsible Drinking’.

This course, also developed by Pernod Ricard, focuses on what alcohol it is, differentiates myths from facts and equips users with knowledge to encourage responsible drinking.

Vanessa Wright, VP sustainability & responsibility, Pernod Ricard, said: “As Créateurs de Convivialité, we strongly believe in sharing with others and supporting communities.

“During the Covid-19 crisis, among other initiatives, our Group has been supporting the bartending community through various projects, including Jameson’s partnership with the US Bartenders’ Guild, Pernod Ricard South Africa’s donation to local hospitality workers and the J’aime mon Bistrot programme in France.

“Bartenders, and the hospitality industry more broadly, have always been very important partners, as well as drivers of innovation – perfectly placed at the forefront of our changing world, embedding sustainable and responsible practices and enabling others to do the same.

“In preparing for the future, this online training module is another milestone of our joint journey towards the bar world of tomorrow.”

Darren Winterford, founder and CEO of EdApp, added: “We are thrilled to have Pernod Ricard join the EducateAll initiative.

“This is exactly the way we envisaged the initiative being used by industry leaders, increasing access to free, critical and relevant training – in this case for the entire hospitality industry to benefit from.

“Cafe’s, restaurants and bars around the world have been heavily impacted by Covid-19 so being able to stay resilient and recover from this uncertain period will be paramount.

“Bartenders and bar owners are dramatically shifting the way they operate and are needing to rapidly upskill themselves and their teams in areas such as responsible bar management.

“We are proud that our mobile learning platform is able to play a huge role in building these critical skills.”

'The Bar World of Tomorrow' Pernod Ricard

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