Pernod Ricard’s House of Tequila has set its sights on welcoming even more mezcal-lovers with the latest addition to its award-winning artisanal mezcal range: Del Maguey Vida® Puebla.

Making waves in the global drinks industry, the mezcal category is now worth $338M – and, as category pioneer and leader, Del Maguey is the driving force behind its growth +64%. With the launch of Del Maguey Vida® Puebla, Pernod Ricard’s House of Tequila will drive further appeal and penetration among new-to-mezcal consumers, whilst retaining the timeless charm and mythical qualities Del Maguey has long been loved for.

“Mezcal is an exciting category right now. With its popularity reaching new heights worldwide, there’s never been a better time for us to bring the magic of Del Maguey Vida® to even more drinks enthusiasts,” says Michael Merolli, CEO at House of Tequila – Pernod Ricard.

A project envisioned and brought to life in collaboration with co-founder Steve Olson, Del Maguey Vida® Puebla aims to meet the growing demand in the mezcal category while creating a sustainable future for the category and the region. “We saw the need and wanted to show it’s possible to grow in the right way: by creating a liquid that’s sustainably produced, with respect to the land, plant, and environment, honouring traditional process and culture and the people who make the mezcal. We felt it was our responsibility, because we opened the door to this culture by introducing the category to the world,” says Olson

Del Maguey is the product of visual artist and founder, Ron Cooper, who fell in love with mezcal in Oaxaca over 25 years ago and felt compelled to introduce his friends, family, and the world to the mystifying spirit and the stories of each individual partner-producer that made it possible. 

His infatuation led him to create Del Maguey and introduce artisanal mezcal to the world way back in 1995. Since then, the brand has been centred around celebrating the traditions of the ancestral villages that give each unique expression its own deep, complex flavour profile.

Merolli continues: “Now, almost 30 years later, we’re bringing the very essence of our bestselling liquid to Axocopan, Puebla, with the creation of a new expression which unites the allure of traditional mezcal production with modern distilling to make it our most approachable mezcal yet. 

“Del Maguey Vida® Puebla is an invitation to those who haven’t yet experienced the power of mezcal. Much like the rest of our portfolio, it truly is a ‘taste of place’ and celebration of our rich history. It embodies where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

Staying true to its roots, Del Maguey Vida® Puebla uses only 100% ripe Espadín agave, which is roasted underground and naturally fermented before being twice distilled in small copper stills. This careful process gives the final liquid a rich, yet mellow, flavour profile which blends soft notes of roasted agave with the subtle sweetness of white peach and candied pine, followed by a gentle citrus lift.

“Whether consumers are making their first step towards discovering mezcal, or are simply looking for something ultra-palatable, Del Maguey Vida® Puebla is widely accessible both in terms of its carefully-balanced flavour profile and its affordable price point. With this latest launch, we can’t wait to encourage a wider audience to start their path into discovering the Del Maguey portfolio,” concludes Merolli.

Del Maguey Vida® Puebla is now rolling out in select US states (including NY, CA, FL and OH), before further national rollout from July 2023. Packaged in the brand’s iconic, artistic packaging, it comes in a 750ml glass bottle (RRP: $37.99, ABV: 40%).

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