Petition throws light on the skilled worker crisis within the hospitality industry

Sunny Hodge, founder of award winning bars Diogenes the Dog and aspen & meursault has raised a Government petition to extend skilled working visas to key hospitality workers

With the hospitality industry reeling from the combined blows of Brexit and Covid-19, Diogenes the Dog  and aspen & meursault founder Sunny Hodge has raised a petition to extend the Skilled Worker Visa programme to include non-managerial key hospitality positions such as Sommeliers, Cocktail Bartenders and Maitre’Ds. 

With the current Skilled Worker Visas programme open to dancers, choreographers and orchestral musicians, the current list overlooks the contributions made to the hospitality industry by skilled and officially qualified workers. 

The petition hopes that the Government will recognise the skills needed within the industry and make skilled non-managerial hospitality workers eligible for the list to meet pressing labour shortages within the industry.

Sunny Hodge, Founder of Diogenes the Dog says: “Roles such as Sommeliers, Cocktail Bartenders and Maitre’Ds are careers that take years to develop skill and knowledge in. They are non-managerial, highly skilled positions where the UK now faces severe shortages due to Brexit and the pandemic. Many of these skilled workers came from the EU and have left Britain due to hospitality closures and industry uncertainty. Our industry is recovering, but many are operationally unable to open due to UK wide skilled labour shortages. Whilst this petition isn’t a silver bullet to solve all our issues, it will go some way to helping bring the industry back from the brink.”

Sign the petition here:

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