Pipers Crisps add super-size resealable tubs for bar snacks

Pipers Sea Salt Tub

Pipers Crisps has added to its popular award-winning range by offering crisps in a super-sized and re-sealable tub for bar snacks.

It means that Pipers Anglesey Sea Salt Crisps are now available in a choice of three formats: the existing 150g sharing pack, the ever-popular 40g individual pack, and the new 600g tub.

Alex Albone, founder of Pipers Crisps, said: “The new 600g tub is an ideal size and convenient format for caterers. Our tasty, award-winning crisps are already widely recognised as a great foodservice product and the new pack size will be appreciated by those outlets who serve our crisps loose, perhaps as part of a premium bar snack range or other meal deal in pubs, bars, cafés and coffee shops.”

The tub helps protect the crisps during handling and storage before serving while the airtight lid can be resealed so the crisps stay fresher for longer. It also means the crisps themselves are easier to dispense and portion accurately.

Alex added: “Pipers is proud to be making Britain’s tastiest crisps available to the widest possible audience, without supplying the major supermarkets. We use the best-quality ingredients and far-reaching distribution, much of it via our own delivery vans and drivers, to make sure our premium crisps arrive in the best condition.

“The new 600g tubs will help our foodservice customers maintain that quality right onto customers’ plates.”

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