Pisco Portón set to shake up UK cocktail market

Pisco_PortonDistiller Johnny Schuler plans to shake up the market for pisco in British bars through the launch of super-premium Peruvian pisco in the UK.

Pisco Portón will be available through a new UK distribution deal with spirits specialist Mangrove, promoted for enjoying neat, on the rocks and in all kinds of cocktails.

Dating back over 325 years, it is made at Hacienda La Caravedo in Ica, the oldest distillery in the Americas.
To preserve the full character of the grapes, Portón Pisco uses the mosto verde method of distilling from partially fermented grape juice. This serves to keep some of the natural grape sugars from converting into alcohol, so putting more flavour and aroma into every bottle.

The family-owned producers distil the pisco to exactly 43% ABV using custom-made copper pot stills. In accordance with Peruvian law, no water can be added to the pisco to bring it to proof, in contrast to more relaxed rules over pisco in neighbouring Chile.

After distillation, the pisco rests in containers called cubas de guardia for five to eight months to let the flavours develop.

On the nose, Pisco Portón has notes of pears, freshly peeled banana and toast, with a smooth velvety mouth-feel and notes of honey and raisins on the long finish.

Portón has grown to become the number-one exported pisco brand and has experienced 200% growth in the last 24 months. Last year, it won best pisco at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Each bottle is individually numbered and bears Johnny’s signature as master distiller.

He was impressed by UK bartenders’ creativity with pisco when he visited London this month, saying it proved that the spirit was for more than just a Pisco Sour.

“Pisco is the most versatile spirit in the market today. You can use it in any standard existing cocktail. We are bringing Pisco Portón to the UK now because London is one of the world’s trendsetters in cocktail culture.”

Johnny is a leading expert on Peruvian pisco and is Peru’s ambassador for the spirit, earning him his country’s Medal of Honor for his significant contributions to the category.

Mangrove managing director Nick Gillett said: “The beauty and appeal of pisco is its completely unique character, which brings a whole new element to the cocktail market and the opportunities of pairing with food.

“At Mangrove we look for brands with character and history, but above all a quality product that we can believe in. Pisco Portón more than delivers on this criteria.”

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