Pistonhead adds non-alcoholic version of Flat Tire Lager


Brutal Brewing in Sweden has released a new non-alcoholic version of its Pistonhead Flat Tire Lager in the UK through Proof Drinks.

Made with imported Centennial and Mosaic hops, it is brewed in the same way as its alcoholic counterpart and has the same character including hints of tropical fruit and citrus with an aromatic, balanced and pleasant bitterness.

With ABV of just 0.5%, it is naturally carbonated and pours smooth without an over-inflated head. Like the 4.5% ABV original, it comes in 330ml cans.

Stephen Reynolds from Proof Drinks said: “The demand for more variety in non-alcoholic offerings is becoming far more apparent with an increase in health-conscious consumers. Drinking habits are changing and many people are reducing their alcohol intake during the week.

“We believe that those who are choosing not to drink should have more to choose from. With alcoholic drinks trends becoming more experimental, non-alcoholic products should have the capacity to offer the same.”

The Pistonhead range also includes the figurehead Kustom Lager and the 6% ABV hoppy Full Amber.

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