Poetic License releases limited-edition Cherry and Basil Gin

The Rarities Poetic License Cherry and Basil Gin

Sunderland-based small-batch distillery Poetic License has introduced a new limited-edition pink-hued Cherry and Basil Gin.

The gin uses fresh cherries and basil in the distillation as well as being infused with fresh, hand-pressed cherry juice, which is how it achieves its colour.

It is a savoury gin with juniper and a herbaceous hit of basil at first and lingering cherry flavours towards the end of the drink.

It is the latest in its one-off spirits under the banner of the Rarities and follows the success of Poetic License’s first limited release, an Orange Blossom gin that was released in February this year and sold out within just a few days.

Distiller Luke Smith said: “Following the great success we’ve had with our strawberries and cream-flavoured Picnic Gin, we thought we’d continue to play around with another red berry fruit. This time, though, I was keen to give it a savoury, herbal twist. I think it is a surprising gin, and offers something very different to what people will expect.

“I personally hand-pressed the cherries for the batch which was a messy job but I think the result is worth it. I am keen to start experimenting with flavours for our next rarity very soon.”

Poetic License has three core products, Northern Dry Gin at 43.2% ABV, Old Tom Gin at 41.6% ABV and Graceful Vodka at 40.4% ABV and well as its seasonal offerings such as current best-seller, Picnic Gin.

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