Poetic License releases liqueurs inspired by popular treats

Poetic License Gin Liqueurs

A range of four flavoured gin liqueurs with unusual flavours, inspired by popular treats, has been released by Sunderland distillery Poetic License.

They are Blackcurrant and Ginger, St Clements, Sarsaparilla, and Baked Apple and Salted Caramel, using Poetic License’s Northern Dry Gin or Old Tom Gin as their base. They are available in 50cl bottles at 21% ABV.

The Blackcurrant and Ginger liqueur is a warming, fruity drink with lingering spiced berry flavours while St Clements liqueur delivers the tart, bittersweet flavour of lemon and orange.

The Sarsaparilla liqueur has a sweet and slightly aniseed flavour while Baked Apple & Salted Caramel liqueur offers sweet, cooked apple backed up by warming cinnamon and seasoned caramel.

Poetic License owner Mark Hird said: “We wanted to create flavours we think people will love that will transport them to eating and drinking their favourite treats. Our blackcurrant-based liqueur I would almost liken to a boozy Ribena, our baked apple iteration is reminiscent of apple strudels with an added dollop of the syrupy sweetness and Sarsaparilla is a throw-back to the much-loved soda pop.

“They drink very well with tonic, or simply over ice and make a delightful aperitif. Champagne or prosecco also works well: the St Clements, with its the classic citrus flavours of orange and lemon, offers a delightful take on a Bucks Fizz.”

Distiller Luke Smith added: “As liqueurs, per the definition, they are a quite a bit lower in alcohol than the usual gin strength of 37.5% and above and they are also sweeter. These things make for very easy drinking, particularly for those with a sweet tooth.”

Poetic License Independent Small Batch Distillery launched in 2015 and has three core products, Northern Dry Gin at 43.2% ABV, Old Tom Gin at 41.6% ABV and Graceful Vodka at 40.4% ABC as well as seasonal offerings such as its Fireside Gin at 40.1% ABV with mulled winter fruit flavours. It also produces a limited-edition range of one-off spirit products called The Rarities such as its most recent release made with blackberries.

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