Pornstar Martini: 0% different with Strykk

All the Spirit, None of the AlcoholTM

As a pioneer of the non-alcoholic spirits category, the innovative brand Strykk is perfectly placed to help bars make the most of the No & Low opportunity.

Strykk was created to democratise the demand for a modern and recognisable alternative to alcohol. It’s a great solution for drinkers who want a proper alternative to the popular drinks they know and love. It also offers choice and balance as a credible option, ensuring customers can still have a good time, just without the alcohol. Strykk is also great for operators; it’s a simply understood proposition that requires little staff training and provides an incremental revenue opportunity compared to mocktails.

Distributed by FUNKIN COCKTAILS, Strykk was one of the very first non-alcoholic spirit brands to launch back in 2018. Initially a portfolio of three spirits, Not G*n, Not R*m and Not V*dka, last year a non-alcoholic version of a favourite flavoured spirit was added, Not Vanilla V*dka.

Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka is a vanilla vodka alternative infused with Madagascan vanilla beans; it’s <0.5% ABV and contains 0g sugar, although showcasing a sweet toffee and buttery aroma with a warming capsicum finish.

The recommended spirit-mixer serve is with cola, but more importantly, Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka taps perfectly into the popularity of key cocktails such as Pornstar Martinis and Espresso Martinis. By simply replacing the vanilla vodka with Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka, bars can serve alcohol-free versions of these top two cocktails for customers to enjoy. This makes Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka a worthy asset for any bar. After all, Pornstar Martinis alone account for one in five cocktails served in the UK1.

With the increasing growth of health and wellbeing, the trade must help people to manage the pace of their drinking, so with demand for no & low at an all-time high, incorporating alcohol-free cocktails into drink menus is a must. The Strykk asterisk is placed next to cocktails to indicate the availability of direct non-alcoholic alternatives on the menu, which further eliminates the need for a mocktail menu altogether.

“People want attractive alternatives to alcohol,” says Elegantly Spirited Ltd CEO and Strykk Co-Founder, Alex Carlton. “Strykk spirits are complementary to alcohol and part of a modern drinker’s repertoire.”


50ml Strykk Not Vanilla V*dka

50ml Passionfruit Purée

50ml Orange Juice

12.5ml Sugar Syrup

Method: Shake all ingredients and double-strain into a coupette glass

Garnish: Half passionfruit

Strykk is now available in stand-out new packaging with a bold aesthetic, incorporating signficiant environmental and sustainable improvements. The new Strykk branding, together with its exceptional taste profiles, makes Strykk the most credible option to maximise the non-alcoholic profit opportunity.

All expressions are 100% natural with no sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours. They are gluten free and vegan and there are just three calories per serve. For more information, visit

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