Precision engineering and lifesaving expertise creates the fastest ever RapidStop® Tourniquet

The RapidStop® Tourniquet was inspired by a need identified by first responders at the Boston Bombings.  Using the extensive experience gained from working with the Metropolitan Police, Aero Healthcare developed the RapidStop® Tourniquet alongside MIT engineers.  And, perfected through real-world EMS and Military testing, the fastest tourniquet ever created is designed to work in the toughest of conditions.  

The RapidStop® Tourniquet that is currently used by emergency services in both the UK and US, is widely available from wholesalers and trade merchants.  Combining precision engineering with life-saving expertise, it may be purchased as a single item, or as part of a comprehensive first-aid package. 

A tourniquet is used to control extensive bleeding, by halting the flow of blood to a wound.  Using key technologies, the RapidStop® Tourniquet is intuitive, strong and lifesaving.  And, its unique design makes it the only tourniquet suitable for one-handed, self-application. 

Application is intuitive and exceptionally fastSimpler to use than any other tourniquet, an individual can apply with one hand and achieve total occlusion in ten seconds.  Well under ten seconds can be attained, if a responder can use both hands to place and tighten.  A quick action ratchet enables higher compression forces to be easily achieved; and single handed incremental tightening, and adjustment of the tension, is simple to accomplish.

In addition, the strong, high tensile strap far exceeds the force needed to fully occlude blood flow and offers three times minimum safety factor requirements. This enables the complete control of hemorrhage injuries to arms or legs; with only gross motor control required for a swift application and full occlusion. 

With just three, simple, fast steps to apply; the RapidStop® Tourniquet features waterproof vinyl tags with directions stitched onto the product.  In addition, a quick clasp that is easily opened even when wearing gloves, can be detached and reattached for fast application around trapped limbs.  

For more information on Aero Healthcare’s RapidStop® Tourniquet go to email or call 01403 790704.   Downloadable information resources are available on the website, along with Aero Healthcare’s extensive range of First Aid and Consumer Wound Care products.

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