Premium German herbal liqueur launched in UK

borgmann1772 rangePremium German herbal liqueur Borgmann1772 is being introduced to the UK by leading drinks company Marblehead Brand Development.

Made to a secret recipe, it has been distilled, filtered and bottled in the laboratory of the apothecary to the Duke of Brunswick for over 120 years.

Aimed at the bar trade in the UK, it has been initially introduced this month through an exclusive listing with London-based specialist retailer Gerry’s Wines and Spirits.

Joern Clausen, managing director of brand owner Borgmann & Clausen in Berlin, said: “The UK bar scene is one of the most creative and dynamic in the world in my opinion and, with the demand for Borgmann1772 on the increase in the UK, we felt an iconic institution such as Gerry’s was the perfect location for our first UK listing.”

It comes in a 500ml aluminium bottle but is well-known in Germany for its popular limited-edition bottles by artists in the fields of design, style and music. It is enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in mixed drinks.

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