Premium Spanish lager Estrella Galicia arrives in UK

Estrella Galicia Especial 33clSpanish premium lager producer Estrella Galicia has launched its beers into the UK, backed by activities that link the brand with live music.

Exclusive UK distributor PLB is launching three products in both the off- and on-trade, led by the flagship Estrella Galicia, a pale golden lager with ABV of 4.7%, available both in draught and bottled formats.

It has two striking ceramic fonts, hand-made in the traditional Galician pottery house of Sagadelos. Only a limited number of fonts are produced, making the placement of Estrella Galicia exclusive to carefully selected outlets.

PLB is also introducing 1906 Reserva Especial, available in 33cl bottles and with ABV of 6.5%. It is brewed for two weeks longer than Estrella Galicia, made with hops and toasted malts, making it dark amber with a balanced smoothness and a bitter touch.

The range in the UK is completed in the on- and off-trade by Alcohol Free 0.0%, which comes in 25cl bottles. It has a slight citrus flavour with the aroma and body of an alcoholic lager including the classic bitterness of Estella Galicia lagers.

The lagers are brewed and bottled in Galicia in northern Spain at Estrella Galicia by Corporación Hijos de Rivera, a 100% family-owned company with a strong heritage.

Targeted at young professionals, Estrella Galicia lagers aim to offer consumers a unique, premium product and a brand visibility that sets it apart from other mainstream offerings.

The brand is supported by a number of sponsorship initiatives. Estrella Galicia 0.0% is the official sponsor of the MotoGP team Honda, the current world champions, and has its own Moto3 team who currently sit in second position.

With music an important part of the brand in Spain, “Son Estrella Galicia” presents a calendar of gigs and concerts every month across its home country, which is now being rolled out in London.

These initiatives will be underpinned by social media activity on a UK Facebook page that will host consumer competitions and help drive brand awareness.

Ignacio Rivera, chief executive at Hijos de Rivera, said: “As a company we have been happy brewers for over 100 years and we are proud to bring our flagship beer, Estrella Galicia, to the UK.

“Estrella Galicia is the epitome of authentic, premium, Spanish lager and we are looking forward to the reception that our portfolio of lagers will receive from the British public.

“The key to the success of Estrella Galicia’s products is that the range offers something for everyone, providing consumers with the unique and varied choices that they consistently demand from their favourite brands.

“Our obsession is with the quality of our products and that the consumer enjoys the great experience of tasting them.”

Other brands from Corporación Hijos de Rivera include mineral waters Agua de Cabreiroá and Agua de Cuevas, apple drink Sidra Seca Maeloc, sangrias Tinto de Verano Lerele and Sangría de Verano Lerele, natural coffee liqueurs Licores Quenza and Licores Hijos de Rivera, natural grape juice Mosto Zuvit and Ponte da Boga wines.

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