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With the concept of the BMAs being to recognise and celebrate success within hospitality, it’s vital for you to understand how winning an award can benefit your business.

  1. Branding

The BMAs are presented in collaboration with Bar Magazine, the UK’s leading title for hospitality business advice, so applying for an award gives your venue a unique branding opportunity. You’ll be among, and competing with, the best of the best, and having your name involved with the BMAs provides you with an exclusive opportunity to grow your brand and improve your business.

  1. Team morale

If you’re successful in business then you’ll know how important your team is in contributing towards this. From the members on the frontline who create a lasting first impression, to the behind-the-scenes crew who ensure your operation runs smoothly, the performance of your team can have huge effects on the experience your guests are immersed in. Team spirit is one of the most important, and underappreciated, aspects of running a venue. The BMAs offer a unique way to shoot some adrenaline into your team’s morale, not only by showcasing your success as a group, but also by treating them to a night off to celebrate their achievements.

  1. Networking

There’s no better way to improve your business than meeting with, and learning from, others who work in your sector. The BMAs put the industry’s brightest stars all under one roof for the evening and gives you the opportunity to expand your network. This could lead to you learning new techniques, developing new ideas and creating new partnerships with likeminded professionals who excel in their craft just as much as you. We’re a very supportive industry who love to ‘give back’, so why not use your success from winning one of our prestigious awards to inspire and mentor others who feel as passionately about hospitality as you?

  1. Confidence

Working in hospitality is so rewardingly hectic that it’s easy to get tied up in the day-to-day, and not take the time to sit back and appreciate how great we are. With 58% of people in the UK said to suffer from Imposter Syndrome*, think of what winning an esteemed award could do for you, your team and your collective mental health. Think about how hearing that some of hospitality’s top experts believe that you’re elite at what you do, and the positive effect it could have on the quality of work you achieve.

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