• Masses of fans will descend on their local to watch England take on Slovenia
  • Flaming Grill urges pubgoers to arrive at least 30 minutes before kick off to get a seat
  • Pre-game anxiety at an all-time high following nervy draw with Denmark 

A nationwide pub chain has urged fans to arrive at least 30 minutes before kick off tomorrow as the first heatwave of the year sends millions to the boozer to watch the Three Lions. 

The descent on UK pubs comes as temperatures up to 30C are forecast in some parts of the country – resulting in unprecedented numbers of fans heading out for the game.

In response, pub chain Flaming Grill has today issued a warning for customers to arrive at least 30 minutes before kick-off in order to secure a seat to watch the match. 

This forms part of new research from the chain revealing Brits’ habits before, during and after a big game, to uncover the ultimate plan of action on matchday. 

An early arrival is key, the data shows, with three things identified by fans as most increasing angst; not having anywhere to sit (40%), running late (25%) and waiting at the bar (21%).

These feelings of angst are expected to ramp up even more ahead of tomorrow’s match after England’s worrying display against Denmark, which left many fans pondering the side’s chances of ultimate glory in Germany. 

What’s more, around three in ten (31%) say they’re often so nervous that they can’t eat before a big game.

For those who can eat, chips are the pub snack of choice, with nearly half of people (46%) selecting them as the best football food, followed by burgers (31%) and sharing platters (18%), while lager (38%) is the number one drink of choice.

Vicky Postle, Nutritionist at Flaming Grill, said: “Nutrition is key when it comes to creating the perfect matchday formula, especially timing. Aim to eat your pre-game meal with plenty of time before the match begins to allow your body to digest food properly.

“Consider having small, carbohydrate-rich snacks around one hour pre-game, or for something more filling to keep you going the full 90 minutes, you could go for a flame-grilled steak flatbread or a sizzling steak skillet.

“If you’re looking to calm the nerves, our Jamaican chicken stew’s turmeric spice blend promotes brain health with high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – the perfect dish to settle those pre-match nerves.”

Aside from nerves, superstition remains a key part of matchday for many, as more than three in ten (31%) pubgoers report having a favourite seat that they always try and sit in when they’re watching football.

To book in and enjoy the summer of sport, find your local Flaming Grill pub here.

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