Pub manager wins Finest Call cocktail speed challenge

Finest Call Speed League at The Riverside in Lechlade, Gloucestershire - Tom Hunt - 11.8.2015

The manager of a Gloucestershire pub is off to the US after winning a nationwide speed challenge set by cocktail mix brand Finest Call.

Summer Lancaster from The Riverside Lechlade made four popular cocktails – a Mojito, a Sweet and Sour, a Cosmopolitan and a Margarita – in just 55 seconds using Finest Call mixes.

She was one of 10 bartenders from within Wiltshire-based brewer and pub company Arkell’s who took part in the nationwide speed challenge, where people were judged on taste, presentation and spillages as well as time.

They were judged by Steve Dingley, European brand manager for Finest Call owner American Beverage Marketers and Peter Thornton, UK brand manager for Finest Call at Cellar Trends.

Summer’s prize is an all-expenses-paid trip to American Beverage Marketers’ headquarters in Louisville in Kentucky where she will tour the plant, visit the city’s international Distilled Spirits Epicentre for spirits education and go round some of Kentucky’s finest whiskey distilleries.

Peter said: “Touring the UK with the Finest Call Speed League has enabled us to demonstrate the speed and ease of the cocktails that delivers time and time again.

“It’s a perfect example of how we work with pubs and bars to ensure every cocktail served is great tasting and simple to make.

“Taking our initiative to such a renowned pub group as Arkell’s allowed us to engage with some enthusiastic bartenders, and Summer showed everyone just how easy it is to serve cocktails – four cocktails in 55 seconds is impressive.”

Finest Call is now working with The Riverside Lechlade to design cocktail menus for the site after customer interest triggered by branded point-of-sale materials at the bar advertising Finest Call cocktails. “It’s exciting to see this venue fulfil the demand for cocktails with Finest Call,” Peter added.

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