Pubs and bars offer free pints to young people who register to vote


Licensees across the UK are joining forces to encourage young people to register to vote this year – by giving them a free pint.

The Vote This Year – Get Free Beer campaign has been launched by pub and bar owners in Bristol in response to the snap election on June 8 and more operators all over the country have been getting involved.

In previous general elections there has been a low voter turnout among younger adults, with young people almost half as likely to vote as those aged 65 and over.

Campaign founder Joby Andrews (pictured), who runs a number of Bristol pubs, said he wanted to encourage young people to engage in their future – no matter which political party they supported.

“I was apathetic and not engaged when I was younger and didn’t vote as I didn’t see the point, but with what’s going on around the world and here in the UK these days it seems more important than ever,” he said.

“I’m motivated by this to try and get people, especially the young, to engage in what will massively effect their futures and register to vote.

“If they love beer as much as I did back then, a free pint will hopefully encourage them to register, so when it comes to polling day on June 8 it’ll be much easier for them to vote and make their voice heard.”

Pubs, bars and student unions in Bristol, London, Liverpool and Manchester have signed up to give newly registered voters a free drink, with more licensees joining every day.

Licensees can sign up by registering on the site, with the slogan, “Vote this year – get free beer”.

To claim their free drink, all customers need to do is visit, register to vote and then take the email they receive as confirmation in to one of the participating bars on the website as proof.


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