The first strawberry gin distilled with natural strawberries, the most successful spirit brand at the Spanish Duty Free market, selling over 200,000 bottles last year

Sevilla, España. – Puerto de Indias, Spain’s #1 strawberry gin and brand among theTop 10 Gin Brands Worldwide (IWSR 22), is thrilled to announce its extraordinary sales achievement of over 200,000 bottles sold in the year 2022 at the Spanish Duty Free market. This figure makes Puerto de Indias the best-selling spirit in this channel, and highlights the relevance of tourism in its international expansion strategy: British tourists choose to replicate that ‘holiday feeling’ at home with local Spanish brands such as Puerto de Indias.


A research* shows that fond memories and bronzed bodies aren’t the only thing that consumers return from their holidays with – it’s the taste for the Spanish spirit too. More than half of the British tourists have visited Spain in the last 5 years and when you ask about their favourite drink, more than 30% of this traveller’s choose gin as their tipple of choice.

In addition, 6 out of 10 British tourists admit that they taste local gins when travelling abroad and a resounding 74% of Brits look for gin brands they’ve tried on holiday when they return home.
When asked which Spanish gin brands they’ve tried abroad that they would recommend to friends and family, Puerto de Indias came out top with 37%.

Throughout 2023, Puerto de Indias continues its upward trajectory with a consistent monthly average of +40,000 bottle orders for Duty Free market. This sustained growth signifies the unwavering trust and loyalty bestowed upon the brand by consumers, further positioning Puerto de Indias as a key player in the spirits industry.

The sevillian company has been actively collaborating with DUFRY, a globally recognized travel retailer, to offer their premium spirits to a diverse and international customer base. The partnership has enabled Puerto de Indias to reach new heights in expanding its market presence and enhancing customer accessibility and it has been recognized by Duty Free as leaders in the spirits category in 2022.


Puerto de Indias can be found in all 57 Spanish national airports, showcasing their extensive nationwide reach. The brand has strategically secured prime spaces in major airports, including Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Palma, and Málaga, among others. This strategic placement ensures maximum visibility and accessibility for travellers, enabling them to experience the exquisite flavours and craftsmanship of Puerto de Indias.

Expanding beyond national borders, Puerto de Indias has also made its mark in international airports located in coastal areas of Costa Rica, Mexico and Argentina. This global presence allows travellers to indulge in the brand’s exceptional spirits and take a piece of the brand’s heritage and craftsmanship home with them.

As Puerto de Indias continues to soar to new heights in the spirits market, it remains committed to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation. With a strong foundation built on successful sales figures, strategic partnerships, and an extensive presence in both national and international airports, it is set to continue captivating consumers with their outstanding range of spirits.

About Puerto de Indias

Puerto de Indias is the leading Premium gin brand of the Strawberry Gins segment in Spain, and the pioneer in creating the first fresh strawberry gin which reached the market, creating the Pink Gin category and bringing with it a revolution of flavour and a new way of consuming gin.
It is produced in Carmona (Seville), in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in Andalusia. Its name is related with the discovery of America, a period in which Seville became one of the main ports for exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.

It has four varieties of gin: Pure Black Edition, with an alcohol content of 40 percent and an intense flavour; Strawberry, the pioneer in its sector with an intense strawberry flavour; Classic, with a 40 percent alcohol content, with a fresher citrus flavoured formula; and Guadalquivir, which combines peach, elderflower and orange and Blackberry with blackberries, cinnamon, violet and bilberry.

The combination of know-how and innovation, in addition to dedication, traditional production and care in its meticulous distillation process, have allowed the creation of a product with its own personality which has become the first globally successful Spanish gin, now present in more than 50 countries, and that has garnered prestigious international awards like the San Francisco World Spirit Competition, the London Spirit Competition and the Bartender Spirits Awards, among others.

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