Quinine-free Love Tonic makes its debut

Love Tonic

A new quinine-free tonic water brand developed to enhance the flavours of gin, whisky, rum, vodka and tequila has launched in the UK.

According to its makers, Don Lawson and Gary Morren, Love Tonic “helps uncover the true flavour of the spirit it is mixed with”, rather than masking it.

Don said: “Whether you drink it with your favourite spirit or as a long drink with ice, people love it. The fact that Love Tonic is quinine-free is, we believe, another advantage.

“Quinine puts a lot of people off tonic and we know from a lot of craft gin distillers that some tonics dull the flavours of the unique botanicals. Love Tonic does the opposite.

“Love Tonic offers a versatility not often found in tonic waters. Whether it’s with gin, vodka, whisky, tequila or rum, you’ll be surprised at the different flavours that are brought out in a variety of spirits.”

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