Quintessential Brands launches Skinny Moo Irish cream

Skinny Moo

Quintessential Brands is setting out to “reinvigorate” the Irish cream category with the launch of a new flavoured country cream range called Skinny Moo.

Made from whey spirit, Skinny Moo is gluten-free and low in calories, and offers two “indulgent flavours”.

The first, Peanut Butter, comes in at 55 calories per 25ml serve and is available to the on-trade now, while the second, Toffee Popcorn, will be introduced later this summer.

Skinny Moo can be served on the rocks or in a range of cocktails, including the Espresso Mootini.

Caroline Daly, international brand manager, Irish Creams at Quintessential Brands and brand owner of Skinny Moo, said: “There’s so much potential in the cream category for a brand to deliver what the consumer is looking for and to reflect changing needs.

“Research shows consumers are looking to enjoy themselves and whilst they don’t want to overdo it on the calories front, they want great-tasting drinks made from the finest ingredients.

“Skinny Moo provides the best of both worlds – great taste without any more calories than a gin and tonic, and lower alcohol levels, so ultimately, consumers can have their cream and drink it.”

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