Ready-to-serve cocktail range launched in UK

shatlers on the beachHaywood Drinks has launched a range of ready-to-serve cocktails into the on-trade, featuring both vintage and modern classics.

Developed with leading mixologist Liane Abelshauser, the 15-strong Shatler’s range from Germany comes in 200ml carton cans which just need to be shaken, opened and poured over crushed ice straight into the glass.

Aimed at pubs and bars that do not employ professional cocktail bartenders, they are supported by striking point-of-sale materials and glassware.

Haywood Drinks managing director Fraser Henderson said: “Shatler’s premium cocktails offer a unique solution to any pub, bar or restaurant as well as bustling environments where quick serve is of the essence like a theatre.

“The quality of these cocktails is quite simply second to none. They are the highest-calibre cocktails you will find, if not the very best.”

The range is made with superior fresh juices, syrups and spirits and can be stored at ambient temperature without the need for refrigeration. Devised for serving over crushed ice, they need slight dilution with water if served with cubed ice.

Fraser added: “Statistics show that 83% of ladies would order a cocktail if available and, given the extensive range we now offer, Shatler’s are increasing publicans’ sales.”

The range is already listed by HQ Theatres & Hospitality group after a successful trial in the bars at Cliffs Pavilions and Palace Theatre in Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Mark Hollington, hospitality general manager at the theatre, said: “We selected Shatler’s after considering various alternatives because Shatler’s has not compromised on quality, guaranteeing satisfied consumers who re-order.”

The most popular selling cocktails to date include the Havanna Special, which was invented in the mid-1990s at Havana Bar in Hamburg Fish Market by Liane Abelshauser, who then owned the bar. It combines rum, peach, grenadine, lemon, orange and passion fruit.

Other cocktails in the range include a Long Island Iced Tea, Mai Tai, Pina Colada and Tequila Sunrise as well as non-alcoholic versions. It features modern German classics such as a Swimming Pool, created by Charles Schumann in 1979 in Munich, mixing vodka, rum, orange, pineapple and blue curaçao.

Fraser said: “We launched the Shatler’s starter kit, a modestly priced tester set which is a
mix of a few of the leading cocktails and glassware for publicans and bar managers to trial the range before committing to large orders.

“The results have been phenomenal, with most who tried the starter kit now listing the premium range on their day-to-day drinks offerings. We’ve simply helped them transform their bars.”

Three of the cocktails are to packaged under the banner of “Hat Trick a Brazilian” at the end of March to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil, comprising a Caipirinha, a Zombie, and a Mojito in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alternatives.

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