Real Good Ketchup expands into foodservice market

Real Good Ketchup

Hampshire-based On The Menu’s sauce brand Real Good Ketchup is launching to the foodservice sector through Savona Food Service.

Since its launch in 2017, Real Good Ketchup has gained major retail listings throughout the UK and Ireland, and is now looking to expand.

The brand claims to present the first no added sugar and reduced salt ketchup, with over 75% less sugar and salt content than other products. A no-added sugar Smokey BBQ variety sits alongside the original Real Good Ketchup.

Founder Elizabeth Jones says: “Having a background in the food industry and a son with severe food allergies, I set a standard at the beginning for Real Good being allergen free, containing no artificial sweeteners, having reduced salt and clean ingredients.

“When I researched the market and tasted what was available in table sauces, I realised we can do better. I wanted us to produce a product we were proud of and truly believed in.”

“We didn’t fortify or add extra vitamins or minerals because ketchup has to be heated up to a high temperature during cooking and this causes them to lose their benefits – although conversely it boosts the benefits of lycopene, a powerful anti-oxidant, which is present in the tomatoes we use.”

“The biggest challenge was to ensure removing the sugar didn’t detrimentally affect taste and consistency; we didn’t want to solve one problem and create another.

“We believe a large part of the success of the Real Good Ketchup is down to the choices we made in this area. We chose to use only plant-based ingredients and sugar alternative in the form of xylitol (derived from birch and beech wood) and stevia leaf.”

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