Rehegoo Music Launches Background Music Streaming Service for Businesses

New Interactive Streaming Platform Provides Royalty-Free Background Music and Playlists for hospitality venues.

Rehegoo Music Group, one of the world’s fastest growing record labels, has launched a new streaming platform providing curated playlists and an array of moods and genres for business owners.
We know that music can have a profound effect on a customer’s consumer experience, whether it affects how much time they feel they have queued or the level of co-operation with staff. The service creates tailored playlists to suit the in-house atmosphere of a business and to reflect the nature of their clientele. For example, if you are a ‘’cocktail bar’’ there is a variety of smooth Jazz, whereas a ‘’party bar’’ will be more attuned to House Music and EDM. For the creative entrepreneur, users also have the option to explore the platform and build playlists themselves choosing from a large catalogue of songs unique to the service. This allows the business owner full control over adapting the atmosphere to their crowd.

“Many business owners don’t have the time to research music and build playlists all day, and they often don’t have access to royalty-free tracks to begin with,” said COO Mattia Esposito. “We create the perfect song selection for any business venue, using our extensive and constantly expanding library. With just a few clicks, any business owner can receive a license and begin streaming customized background music for their brand within minutes.”
The new platform aims to give businesses an easy solution to avoid the hefty fines and penalties for playing unlicensed music inside their venue, which can range from $1,000 to $100,000.

The library consists of thousands of songs, all of which come from underground professional artists, rather than recycling the top 100 hits like other streaming platforms often do. The curated playlists change daily, as the music library continues to grow with professionally produced music by the label’s list of signed artists from around the world.
“Music is important not only for the happiness of your customers but for the livelihood of your staff as well. That’s why we are adding new music every day, so there’s always something fresh to listen to,” said Andrea Barattini, CEO of Rehegoo Music USA.

The platform launched in Italy, the U.K., and the USA in early May 2019 and will continue to roll out across the globe throughout the year.

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