Reinvigorate Your Interior

Planning for a fresh look for your Bar in 2024? Woodberry can help!

2024 is fast approaching and it is a fantastic opportunity to give your pub or bar a fresh look that works hard for you and your customers in the upcoming year. Woodberry are sharing some tips so that you can plan and get your hospitality site to work harder for you in 2024.

Create Zones

Creating different zones with different items of furniture will allow you to welcome more than one customer demographic into your pub or bar. A group of younger customers may find a poseur table with bar chairs more appealing for an evening drink, where an older customer visiting for an occasion may prefer a long dining table with chairs so that their guests are comfortable with plenty of room.

Invest in High Quality and Easy-Clean Furniture

Investing in high quality and easy-clean furniture will mean that your investment will last longer without a lot of maintenance. It will also mean that staff will have more time to provide excellent customer service as cleaning is quick and easy.

Be Bold

A bold and unique design will encourage your visitors to share images on social media allowing you to attract new customers. A bold look will keep you easily recognisable and encourage people to visit your site. You can do this with unique or brightly coloured furniture or a feature wall that people can take pictures next too.  Woodberry offer a wide range of colourful chairs with upholstery options and colourful pedestal tables for a unique look.

The Woodberry team are keen to help you find the best products for your establishment. We offer a variety of quality indoor dining and bar furniture from traditional styles to unique and eye-catching designs. Call our team to discuss your needs or shop online.

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