Relaunch for mead as ‘Peckham’s answer to prosecco’

Gosnells Mead new bottle

Pioneering mead brand Gosnells has been relaunched as a gently sparkling product in 75cl bottles, dubbed “Peckham’s answer to prosecco”.

As a leading producer of the traditional fermented honey drink, founder Tom Gosnell decided to switch from the brand’s previous 330ml bottles to the more wine-like format after extensive research. With a slightly tweaked recipe, it has ABV of 5.5%.

Now based at its own brewery in Peckham in south-east London, Gosnells was launched four years ago, made by fermenting high-quality orange blossom honey with just water and nothing else added.

Tom said: “Most people were drinking it like a wine and that led to the idea for the rebrand and a bigger-format bottle.”

The new packaging has been created by the Gosnells team with agency February and illustrator Greg Coulton. “We’re stepping away from beer as our drinkers are treating it like a wine so now the packaging reflects this,” Tom added.

“Mead’s time has come. We’re aiming to build on our success with this new format and continue to drive sales in the UK and abroad.”

The mead is being used by bartenders as a cocktail ingredient but is now recommended for serving chilled in a wine glass such as a champagne flute.

“Gosnells pairs well with food ranging from lighter dishes like salads and fish but it is also a perfect partner for desserts and English cheeses,” Tom added.

At last night’s launch at The Orange in Pimlico in London, bar manager Karl Gudaitis created a special twist on an Old Fashioned using the mead.

1 barspoon Brown sugar
3 dashes Orange Bitters
40ml Bourbon
10ml Chambord
15ml Lemon juice
Gosnells Mead to top up
Place the sugar in an Old Fashioned glass and add the bitters. Add ice cubes, bourbon, Chambord and lemon juice and stir. Top up with Gosnells Mead.

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