Reusable Steel Kegs and Casks: The Efficient, Sustainable Choice

A Q&A with Dan Vorlage, Executive Director, Steel Keg Association

What’s your perspective on draft today?

DV: Draft is global. And we know all markets around the globe are still recovering on-premise. For this reason we helped found the new Steel Keg Association, comprised of the largest global suppliers in draft beer, to increasing the volume of beer and other draft beverages. We’ve developed a deep appreciation for how truly special pubs, bars, breweries and restaurants are to this mission and are committed to helping bring that traffic back.

How are steel kegs and casks part of the solution?

DV: Reusability is having a moment. Millions of people are changing their behavior because of reusability. They now carry reusable steel water bottles because they know they’re eliminating single-use plastic bottles from waste streams and they’re saving money. We’re highlighting the fact that steel kegs work the same way for bar, pub and restaurant operators. By highlighting the sustainability benefits of reusable containers, we have an opportunity to motivate consumers to enjoy more fresh beer on trade rather than at home.

What are the Keg Champion Awards?

Dan Vorlage: In celebration of World Refill Day on 16th June, the Steel Keg Association is accepting nominations for our 1st Annual Keg Champion Awards now through 9th June recognizing leading pubs, bars, restaurants and breweries for embracing the remarkable benefits that reusable steel kegs and casks deliver.

  • Sustainability: Steel kegs save ~4 BILLION single-use containers from waste streams each year
  • Efficiency: Steel kegs provide some of the highest contribution margins in the hospitality industry
  • Fresh: Serving draft helps provides a fresh experience most consumers can’t get at home

Anyone can nominate and all nominated companies will receive a Keg Champion recognition package. We will also select seven establishments in various categories as our 2023 UK Keg Champion Award winners, and present each of them with one of our iconic green Keg Champion kegs and donate £1,000 to the charity of their choice.  

Tell us about the Steel Keg Association.

DV: We’re a nonprofit marketing-focused organization, founded by the leading companies in the global keg supply chain, on a mission to grow the volume of beer and other beverages served from steel kegs. We provide resources on our website to help bars and restaurants tap into the full potential of steel kegs.

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