Revival of Westlers taps into gourmet hot dog trend

Westlers Premium

Classic frankfurter brand Westlers has been revived through the launch of a new premium range for pubs and bars, tapping into demand for gourmet hot dogs.

The brand, which dates back to 1960, has been reinvented by leading foodservice supplier The Big Kitchen with a new continental-style recipe.

Made with 90% pork, the frankfurters are gently smoked using an age-old technique over natural beechwood.

This draws on the experience of The Big Kitchen’s parent company, Netherlands-based Zwanenberg Food Group – one of Europe’s leading hot dog manufacturers.

Jonathan Ashmore, commercial director at The Big Kitchen, said: “The Westlers brand is one which many people associate with their youth, and we’ve recognised that there was an opportunity to reinvigorate a well-loved brand.

“Bringing it under The Big Kitchen umbrella has allowed us to completely refresh the recipe and the brand in line with the current trend for premium hot dogs.”

He added that Westlers frankfurters had the highest meat content of any hot dogs on the market and provided foodservice outlets with a convenient, premium-quality frankfurter product.

“Hot dogs and frankfurters have traditionally been associated with football stadiums and leisure outlets and they clearly still have a role to play in those arenas. But the rise in popularity of gourmet hot dogs offers opportunity for outlets of all sizes to upsell a classic by adding less traditional toppings and sides.

“The new Westlers premium frankfurter range is made to a traditional continental recipe which offers outlets the authentic taste the consumer demands as a base for wider menu innovation.”

Westlers premium frankfurters are vacuum packed for freshness and can be stored at ambient temperatures. Added-value packages are available which can include equipment such as roller grills, steamers and bains maries, and point-of-sale materials such as posters and flags as well as branded frankfurter boxes.

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