Revived Welsh botanical soda adds new variant


A new flavour has been introduced for Lurvill’s Delight – the Welsh botanical soda revived after more than 100 years.

Lavender Spice is described as an alternative to ginger beer, made with a unique blend of lavender with ginger, horseradish, hibiscus, cardamom and rose plus gently carbonated Welsh spring water.

Like the first Lurvill’s Delight release, Original, the new variant is all-natural and free from any additives, preservatives, colourings or added sugar. It contains 86 calories per 330ml bottle.

The tiny purple flowers of lavender lend the drink a unique spicy kick, which is enhanced by the aromatic pungency of ginger and the natural heat of horseradish. It is dry with a light, spicy and smooth finish.

Lurvill’s managing director Dave Steward said: “From the outset, we’ve been asked by stockists for another variant. However we wanted to wait until we’d built solid distribution in our heartland – and were able to prove that a high-quality soda with no added sugar would be a hit amongst adults.

“We’ve done that now and Lavender Spice is a stunning addition to what we can offer – it’s got a subtlety that you don’t get from many drinks with ginger in them.”

Lurvill’s Delight Original was originally popular in Wales between 1896 and 1910, created by twin brothers Harold and Lolo Lewis from the Rhondda Valley. Profits made from the drink were used to pay for 150 coal miners and their families to emigrate to the United States. It ceased production in 1910 due to a shortage of dock leaves in the local area.

Launched in February this year, Lurvill’s Delight Original went on to win a one-star Great Taste Award this summer.

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