Revolution bars to celebrate milestone on National Vodka Day

revolution vodka shots

Revolution bars across England and Wales are to celebrate National Vodka Day on Saturday by offering every customer a free flavoured shot.

Now in its 18th year, the bars are also celebrating the group’s sale of its 2,000,000th bottle of flavoured vodka, equating to 56 million shots – enough for every adult in the UK.

Revolution bars, now 56 strong and part of the New Inventive Bar Company, date back to 1996 when the first venue was launched in Manchester. They are well known for their menu of 30 unique flavoured vodkas.

To celebrate the 2,000,000th bottle milestone, the bars will be offering every customer a free shot of flavoured vodka at 7pm on National Vodka Day.

Head of marketing Carl Morris said: “We got where we are thanks to our customers, so we’re inviting everyone to celebrate with us on Saturday.

“We started in the basement of our first-ever bar on Manchester’s Oxford Road, smashing up sweets, crushing fruits and experimenting with spices, tasting and refining along the way to create a selection of classic, unique and specialist shots, fuelled by nothing but our insane love of vodka.

“We’re known nationwide today for being all about the party, and if we can give away this many free shots to kick off National Vodka Day, what a party that will be.

“We are celebrating not only our history, but also the fact that we have stayed close to our roots. We started as a pioneer of fresh flavour-infused vodka, and today we are still in the lead thanks to our purpose-built UK factory where we still use fresh ingredients and real fruit extracts to create unique, hand-crafted flavours that people love.”

Amended October 2, 2014, to clarify that it does not include bars in Scotland.

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