Revolution moves away from its vodka roots

revolution bar cocktailsRevolution bars have moved further away from their trademark vodka offering with a new menu that has been introduced across the estate.

Operator Inventive Leisure has extended its list from 18 to 33 cocktails, made up of classics and popular recipes, using a broad range of spirits and liqueurs. The bars have also extended their range of craft beers.

The menu includes a range of Sours, such as an Amaretto Sour and a Whisky Sour, which the company believes make it the only high-street bar chain to use egg whites in its cocktails.

The new approach to cocktails is part of an “Evolution” programme for the bars that started life in 1996 specialising in vodka, with Inventive Leisure rolling out a contemporary new look across the estate.

The cocktail menu was created in-house by the company’s development team which monitors market trends, brands and products to create drinks crafted to appeal to an upmarket customer base.

New cocktails use beer and cider as a base, together with unique ingredients created exclusively for Revolution, such as a raspberry and basil syrup.

The menu is targeted at a high-end customer demographic and is enhanced by a variety of new serving vessels, including copper jugs, mugs and 13oz glassware.

Staff are undergoing training to ensure the cocktails are made with a sense of theatre and occasion to enhance the experience for customers.

Each Revolution team member will receive a personalised cocktail “bible”, containing pictures, serving hints and tips, and details of ingredients and required utensils. The information will also be available for them to download on their smartphone, computer or tablet device.

Inventive Leisure chief executive Mark McQuater said: “Revolution has long been renowned for its vodka cocktails. We wanted to build on this heritage by utilising our cocktail skills to produce an enhanced new menu that features old favourites, popular classics but also exciting, innovative new recipe ideas, without losing the essence of what Revolution is famed for.

“The quality of these cocktails has greatly improved across the entire menu. We’ve used premium ingredients, many of which have been created exclusively for us, and also invested heavily in staff training and equipment to ensure the serve and appearance of the drinks is the very best it can be for our customers.

“It’s an exciting progression of our previous offering and really sets us apart from our competitors.”

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