Revolution brings cocktails to life with videos

Honeybee SourBooths are being installed in Revolution bars to allow customers to dress up and be photographed as one of their favourite cocktails.

Inventive Leisure has created a series of slow-motion videos to be shown in the bars and online that bring to life its signature cocktails, released to tie in with the launch of its latest menu.

The first four cocktails featured in the “Experience Something New” campaign are a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, a Honeybee Sour, a Strawberry Collins and a Moscow Mule.

Pictured top is the Honeybee Sour, which is made with Krupnik honey vodka, Chambord and egg white shaken over ice with a dash of lemon. The Dark ‘n’ Stormy, made with Gosling Black Seal Dark Rum, is pictured below.

The first “cocktail shaker” booth, where customers can dress up and recreate the theatre of the videos, was installed as part of the revamp of Revolution in Leadenhall in the City of London in October.

More of the booths are being rolled out as part of refurbishments within the 66-strong Revolution estate, which will have received a total spend of £17million by May 2014 as part of an “Evolution” programme.

Inventive Leisure marketing manager Jema Avedian said: “Investing in our food and drink menus forms a huge part of future strategy and success and in doing so we want to give our customers something new and exciting to talk about.

“These slow-motion videos are just another example of how we seek to do things a little differently and always strive to offer customers the best possible experience.”

The 30-second videos, shot at over 1,000 frames per second, are airing via social media, within the bars and outdoors via digital vans. They were produced using the advanced Photron camera technology typically used for high-budget programmes such as National Geographic or Nature’s Great Events.

Jema added: “2013 has been an incredibly successful year thus far and our ambitions for 2014 are even higher so initiatives such as ‘Experience Something New’ are essential in ensuring we achieve that.”

The project was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Revolution and brand agency More. Peter Moulton, account director at More, said: “It’s always a great challenge to convey refreshment and flavour using any type of media.

“Using the latest slow-motion technology with one of the world’s best cameras, we brought Revolution’s new cocktails to life in a fun and compelling way which we think will have great cut through.”

Dark 'n' Stormy
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