Roasting Plant Coffee join forces with Primo Aperitivo

Roasting Plant Coffee has just launched a NEW coffee negroni cocktail kit, in collaboration with Italian cocktail brand Primo Aperitivo.

With Christmas just around the corner, the kit (£49.99 for 500ml, available on the Primo Aperitivo website) is the perfect gift for caffeine + cocktail lovers, offering just-roasted coffee to brew and serve with an expertly crafted negroni:

  • Roasting Plant was born in NYC and came to the UK in 2019 in a bid to shake up consumers’ expectations for coffee using the unique Javabot machine (described as ‘Willy Wonka meets Apple’ technology) to avoid the stale flavour associated with high-street coffee. 

Now with x5 central London stores (and selling subscriptions online, as well as coffee beans on Ocado), it’s the only multi-venue coffee retailer in the world to roast all beans in store.

  • Primo Aperitivo was created by Italian-born mixologist Filippo Previero, as a celebration of Italian cocktail culture. The brand’s Negroni is exclusively handcrafted in Italy by Aperitivo experts, using only the finest of ingredients including a bespoke blend of dry gin, vermouth and bitter aperitif liqueur.

Each brand has community and sustainability front and centre, with Primo Aperitivo operating with 100% renewable energy and recyclable packaging, and Roasting Plant ensuring there’s strong, direct relationships with the coffee farmers they work with.

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