Roberto Cavalli Vodka extends with rosemary and orange flavours

roberto cavalli flavours vodka

Two new Mediterranean-inspired flavours have been added as variants of Italian super-premium Roberto Cavalli Vodka in the UK.

Natural ingredients are used to create the two new variants, Rosemary and Orange, which have been introduced through Boutique Brands.

The essential oils for Roberto Cavalli Vodka Orange are extracted by applying a simple cold pressing to the peel of sweet Italian oranges that are not yet fully mature. It is described as similar to squeezing an orange by hand and releasing microscopic droplets of essential oils.

The aromatics for Roberto Cavalli Vodka Rosemary are extracted through an alcoholic infusion of the rosemary leaves which then undergoes steam distillation. This involves passing water vapour at a controlled temperature through the liquid to maintain a freshness and fragrance that would be lost in normal direct distillation.

Roberto Cavalli Vodka Rosemary and Orange are clear with subtle notes of their two flavours. The vodka is sweet, soft and balanced on the palate, leading to a silky texture and a slight aftertaste of the respective flavours.

The new bottles have a tinge of red and green at the bottom of the standard design, matching the two flavours.

They are being promoted by Boutique Brands to top bars and restaurants for cocktails and mixed drinks, with the rosemary flavour pairing well with tonic.

The grain-based vodka is produced in Italy in partnership with Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.

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