Rockstar Spirits – This Morning Presenters’ Favourite Rum Brand

Rockstar Spirits’ Banana Bomb Navy Strength 57% rum was featured on ITV1s This Morning Cocktail feature in April and Venron Kay went wild for the high strength rum saying Dude that is a winner and putting the bottle into his pocket live on air saying he was going to take it to Hacienda Reunion event in London later in the week.Kay’s reaction mirrored the one seen back in 2019 which helped launch Rockstar Spirits when Holly Willoughby absolutely loved their Pineapple Grenade 65% rum and said she was taking the bottle for the dressing room live on air.On both occasions the Rockstar rums sold out online within minutes and went viral on social.Tom Hurst said, “after the show Vernon followed us on social media and dropped a quick message saying how much he loved the rum so was a fantastic day at the office for us at Rockstar!”

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